Conscience is an inward knowledge of right and wrong with a compulsion to do what is right, a liberty experienced when living in accord with what is right and true.


Discernment is the ability to perceive the true nature of things which requires small groups and communities committed to supporting one another in exchanging feedback.


Cultural workers benefit from training. Write to schedule workshops, classes, residencies or to travel and visit in Asia West Pacific.

Transforming Power Workshop
Transforming Power Workshop

An experiential workshop to build community and practice social skills necessary for the nonviolent use of power. This workshop is the foundation for all other workshops.

Nadine Hoover

Nadine Hoover, PhD, founder of Conscience Studio, is a Quaker, educator, counselor, nonviolence trainer, massage therapist & Karate instructor with a doctorate in International Development.

She's a person of conscience, experimenting with conscience and life's transforming power in every moment.


Materials describe universal practices of peace and nonviolence, support experiments with discernment in daily life, and provide personal stories, for children as well as adults.