Statements of Conscience

Hoover C Nadine

NY, United States


I solemnly attest that war-premeditated killing of people for political ends-is wrong. I conscientiously object to war and refuse to participate in war, including paying for it. War, in my experience, is about death and about wealthy people making money and securing natural resources for the few. There is no excuse for war or war profiteering.

War is preventable if we commit to routing out of public life the lesser forms of violence, including deceit, greed, neglect, abuse, prejudice and humiliation. We train massive numbers of people in how to humiliate, intimidate, terrify and kill, which decreases our domestic and world security.

War is preventable if politicians serve the law not rule by might. The truth sets us free, not a secret state, covert operations or wealth accumulation. I worked with Indonesian Islamic schools for eight years prior to September 11th, 2001 and I testify that if we had gone after Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda members as criminals, the world would have united with us and we would be far more secure today. War and enemy-making made us less secure.

War is preventable if we set our minds to ending war and commit to integrity in friendship, ethics, law, diplomacy and compassionate justice. Once we see that violence, coercion and war are not options then honesty, openness, justice and compassion become our line of defense, otherwise these ingredients of peace are luxuries we can't afford.

I am a member of the New York Yearly Meeting (NYYM). In 2006 we approved the following statement of faith: The Living Spirit works to bring life, joy, peace and prosperity, through love, integrity and compassionate justice among people. We are united in this power and acknowledge that paying for war violates our religious conviction. We will witness to this conviction in each of our communities.

I came to this conviction from my unwavering faith in the power of the Living Spirit that takes away the occasion for all war. I've been an active Quaker since 1967 and lived in numerous war zones. I am a massage therapist, a Quaker traveling in the ministry and a member of the Conscientious Objection to Paying for War Committee. I live on income below the taxable level. I do not have any investments in military enterprises. I am conscientious about my purchases. I have facilitated Alternatives to Violence Workshops since 1978. I conduct workshops on conscience and coordinate the Conscience Studio. I also go to twice a year to war zones or former war zones to work on nonviolence, conscience and conscientious service to increase security through friendship, diplomacy, education, relief in times of need and whatever nonviolent means present themselves.

This is my testimony to the whole world; I will not participate in war and I will do everything I can to remove the roots of war from my life and home.

Sincerely, Nadine Hoover