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Empowerment Workshop

Feb 9 - 11, 2018

Portland, OR, USA

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Refunds: We refund the full amount if cancelled 30 days prior to the training. We refund 100% of food and lodging and 50% of registration if cancelled 29-10 days prior to the training. We refund for emergencies only if nine days or less prior to the training. We refund 100% of food and lodging and 90% of registration at any time for reasons of family death, illness, or other extraordinary circumstance. In case of emergency, you may call in or email a cancellation.

Work study and/or scholarships available for any workshop.

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Workshop Descriptions

We invite you to host a training! Click on the Host a Workshop tab to learn how.

Conscience occurs in relationships, best practiced in intact communities of people who live, work, worship or gather socially together on a regular basis.

Workshops that support us to live our lives conscientiously:

Transforming Power WorkshopEmpowerment Workshop: to build community and to practice skills necessary for nonviolent use of power; a foundation for all other workshops (AVP equivalent training).
Trauma Resiliency Workshop Resiliency Workshop: An experiential workshop to practice personal and cooperative tools to discharge and reprocess emotional pain or distress in order to face and heal from challenging experiences.
Developmental Play WorkshopDevelopmental Play: An experiential workshop to play with materials using nonviolent directions in ways that build intergenerational connections and reconstitute developmental capacities eroded by exposure to stress and violence.
Discernment Workshop Discernment: An experiential workshop to learn to listen to and act on conscience, accurately perceive the nature of things, base one's decision making on discernment and exchange feedback.
Conscience Workshop Conscience: A writing workshop to create statements of conscience, consider implications for daily life and practice speaking publicly from your conscience.

Each workshop may be held as an introductory workshop to learn that area of practice or as an advanced workshop to explore extensions in the area of practice. All the workshops use experiential activities to develop tools and practices to use in daily life. We each work on our own personal material to explore and develop personal change.

Conscience Studio: An open studio with facilitated time to share, exchange feedback and document insight as well as studio time to create outward forms to reflect inward knowledge.

Classes: Six-week Co-counseling, Developmental Play or Discernment classes may be arranged for groups of six or more.

Certification in Conscience and Peace Studies: Advisement may be arranged to customize an undergraduate degree based on tested methods for building community and peace based on conscience. Recommended: a basic and advanced workshop in each of the five areas (15 week equivalent) plus co-counseling, developmental play and discernment classes for six weeks. [Ten workshops of eighteen instructional hours each plus three one-hour classes over six weeks equals 196 instructional hours plus readings, journal writing and research papers for 15 credit hours.]

Arrange a Workshop at Your Location

Goal or intention: It helps you and us if your group states a goal or intention for requesting training, with both immediate and long-term consideration.

Participants: Describe the participants. Typically six to 24 participants, although we have custom designed approaches for larger groups. The more diversity of age, background, class, religion, politics and so forth, the better.

Facilities: We hold workshops in homes, retreat centers, community centers, schools, anywhere a group feels comfortable. We prefer sites with a sense of nature, wholesome foods and water, places for physical activity on the breaks, a large room we can tape papers to the wall and areas for small groups to use.

Prerequisites: Empowerment Workshop or equivalent AVP Basic Workshop ( or recommended before attending other workshops. We list workshops in the order we commonly offer them, but we customize for the group as well.

Typical schedule: Workshops typically run 18 hours, consisting of six three-hour sessions, best done consecutively in a residential atmosphere. The team meets in advance, 3-4 hours in pairs for activities and materials preparation and 3-4 hours as a group for team building and again after the workshop for 3-4 hours for feedback and debriefing. [Note: We typically do not like to break up the third and fourth sessions of the trauma resiliency workshop.]

Sample Schedule (adjust to fit the location and participants)
Team buildingDay 1 9:00am - 4:00pm
Simple supperDay 1 5:00 - 6:00p
Session IDay 1 6:00 - 9:00p
Session IIDay 2 8:30 - 11:30a
Session IIIDay 2 12:30 - 3:30p
Session IVDay 2 4:00 - 7:00p
Session VDay 3 8:30 - 11:30a
Session VIDay 3 12:30 - 3:30p
Team debriefDay 3 4:30-7:30p

Organizers sometimes plan three consecutive days without evening sessions, or start "after school" at 3:30 or 4:00p on the first day.

Costs: The host covers travel and expenses plus $1,800 for a recognized facilitator. Apprentices pay their own expenses, but no registration fees, and 10% of net proceeds go to Conscience Studio.

Simplicity: We encourage low-cost arrangements, home hospitality, cooperative cooking of wholesome foods and cooperative cleaning before, during and after the workshops. Upon request, we can provide a standard shopping list for food, easily managed by the group during the course of the workshop, to reduce costs.

Facilitators: We facilitate with teams of three or more, including at least one recognized facilitator along with apprentices who completed the workshop as a participant and routinely practice on their own. You choose to fund one or two recognized facilitator(s) and either we or you may organize apprentices.

Becoming a facilitator: You may organize a one- to three-day facilitators' training on any topic or go directly to apprenticing on a team. When you feel comfortable leading all the activities and hosting your own workshop, you may approach a recognized facilitator and ask Conscience Studio to recognize you as a facilitator of that workshop.