Nadine Hoover

Nadine Clare Hoover, PhD, founder of Conscience Studio and Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific, has lived half the year in Asia and half the year in the United States for over thirty years.

Nadine was raised on a farm in the northern foothills of Appalachia, and retains a holistic, resourceful approach to life and work. As a graduate of Friends World College, she lived on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, and then in Japan, South Korea and Indonesia, researching the effects of economic world systems on social formation. She earned a PhD in International Development from Florida State University, and then began consulting on educational development in Florida and in Indonesia. Nadine served as Secretary of Southeastern Yearly Meeting and Manager of Friends General Conference Bookstore, before returning to New York to focus on work for peace and conscience.

Following the Peace Accord between the Republic of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement, Nadine, "fluent in Indonesian, began bringing former enemies together—Acehnese and Javanese, Christians and Muslims, victims and perpetrators—opening formerly closed, militant communities to work towards recovery, reconciliation and peace. From this hands-on work, she built on the Alternatives to Violence Project to design trainings on empowerment, resiliency, play, liberation, discernment, and conscience, essential for restoring peace."

She brings a bold, vital message that peace is possible and gives us simple, practical tools that have historically made Friends peace work so consequential - while also conveying how much we have learned, even in the last decade. She calls us to place our faith in the power of the Living Spirit to allow love and conscience to guide our lives, preparing us for this work. She describes the operating dynamics of peace through transforming power, resiliency, play and liberation from oppression, and the liberty of conscience experienced when we allow the Living Spirit to guide our private and public lives. She illuminates the minimal structures that have made Quaker practice so powerful in the past, and offers a few key steps to revitalize our faith and action in the future. She calls us to stand together against war and violence, because without safe haven, nothing else matters.

Nadine has identified an ecology of practices that create public cultures of peace. She is currently designing, authoring and providing training to accelerate these practices through books, art, games, classes and workshops. She coaches community leaders to rely on transforming power, act in accord with conscience and create culture. Nadine enlists the participation of people from a broad range of age and background to:

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