Conscience Studio publishes and curates works of fiction, non-fiction and personal memoirs that outwardly express and draw attention to inward experiences of love and conscience. We also publish training manuals to assist individuals and communities of any background and age to learn tools and practices about experiences and concerns of conscience. We believe we can co-create peaceful and nonviolent societies and organizations based on our shared attention to love and conscience. We invite anyone dedicated to peaceful, nonviolent societies to use and adapt our materials as you see fit and to send us feedback.

Conscience Studio supports people and communities experimenting with conscience in daily life to reclaim the liberty and joy of conscientious living and resist the paralyzing effects of social guilt or intellectual marginalization.

Conscience presents itself in unique ways in each unique person. Reading each others' stories expands our understanding and gives us references to find new and creative ways to respond to the world.

Conscience Studio publishes manuals and materials to support universal practices of peace and nonviolence: transforming power, facing human tragedies, developing capabilities, discerning right actions, and conscientious living.

Developmentally appropriate children's picture books provide an essential foundation for peaceful living. Our dedication to high-quality multi-lingual rich children's books reflects our dedication to preserving peace globally.