Discernment: Transforming Power in Daily Life

Nadine Hoover


Discernment: Transforming Power in Daily Life is the ability to grasp the inward character and relationship of things, especially when obscure, leading to keen insight and judgment. This workshop offers practices for transforming power and living in accord with conscience in every moment while building conscientious relationships in community, at work and play. Nadine Hoover identified an ecology of practices that create public cultures of peace. She provides training in and coaches community leaders to rely on transforming power, act in accord with conscience and create peaceful culture. These activities are open to people from a broad range of age and background, from teenagers to adults.

  • Workshop Routines – schedule, agenda, methods, evaluations and closings.
  • Workshop Sessions – community, convincement, conviction, transformation, feedback and discernment.
  • Workshop Threads – moving, journaling, visiting and gatherings.

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