Eli's Birthday Brunch

Kristin Buchholz

    • Release date December 2013
    • Age range Pre-school-3rd grade
    • Language English
    • Synopsis Follow young Eli as he and his Dad gather good food from their garden to create a scrumptious and nutritious brunch for Eli’s birthday. The recipe is included at the end of this simple and engaging story. An afterward by Nadine Hoover invites readers to explore their connection with the earth.


    Eli's Birthday Brunch was created for Kristin's family and her hope for a healthier earth and society. "I do what I can to make lasting connections with living things through organic gardening, harvesting healthy food and creating things."

    Eli's Birthday Brunch exposes readers to captivating, quality artwork. Eric Carle's books inspired the collage technique used for these illustrations and an interesting example for young people to compare and emulate.

    Eli's Birthday Brunch offers a unique format providing examples of positive conversational language at the top of the page synergistic with the storyline at the bottom of the page. Readers pick up the conversational phrases and more often use them in their day-to-day lives, creating a powerful, positive effect on relationships.

    Readers will find an concise explanation of actions children and adults may do together, including a recipe for Eli's favorite dish, that promote healthy relationships with each other, their community and the earth. As a friend who survived a war noted, "To make peace with each other, we need to make peace with the earth."

    Since our intellectual community has nearly abandon the word conscience, Conscience Studio committed to supporting people and communities in experimenting with conscience in daily life and discovering the liberty and joy of conscientious living.

    We hope this book inspires you to do simple, healthy things together that strengthen your relationships with the earth and with one another.

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