A, B, C Senang

Yunardi Bardo and Nadine Hoover


A, B, C Senang, or Happy A, B, C in English, offers the same quality as its prequel, A, B, C Awal but draws on words that contain "ng" in the word, with activities for playing while reading corresponding to the exploration of the "ng" and the slightly higher skill of the child.

A, B, C Senang has bold illustrations with Indonesian words at the bottom of the page and corresponding English and Dutch words grey in the background. The beautiful illustrations capture objects common to young Indonesian children, yet attract children of any background. This book expands the range of culture and ecology of any children's book collection.

Readers will find a superb description of how to play with a child while reading in the back of the book, both in English and in Indonesian, making this a tremendously valuable reference for parents, grandparents, teachers and anyone who loves to play with children.

Adults who have had access to developmentally appropriate picture books when they are young feel they were born with skills they do not remember acquiring: the hands dexterously handle books, the eyes know where to go to find information and the mind formulates images of real-life examples, while matching word and illustration to those examples.

Conscience Studio has have found that in addition to transforming power and learning to face human tragedies, peace requires foundational skills and development of capabilities provided in part by developmentally appropriate picture books. Our dedication to high-quality Indonesian children's books with multi-lingual rich text reflects our dedication to preserving peace globally.

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific brought the artist, Yunardi Bardo, together teachers and technicians to hire these first works by supporting training which transferred knowledge concerning the developmental stages of children’s story books based on Fountas and Pinnell's guidelines.

Enjoy Playing while Reading!

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